How do Fancy Numbers Help in Marketing?

A fancy number features an easy-to-remember pattern. It creates a long-lasting visual memory for the onlooker. Fancy numbers are used by almost everyone, especially those dealing with consumers directly, or in other words, B2C. Although, some B2B businesses like advertising, digital marketing, etc., also leverage fancy numbers. These factors refer to a vital benefit that fancy numbers offer – marketing. Even though not directly, fancy numbers catalyze the marketing impact. Let us see how.

5 Marketing Benefits of Fancy Numbers

Marketing isn’t solely about outreach. It is a process that involves crucial factors such as your business image, approach towards prospects, and customer service. Buying a fancy number involves a micro thought process that signifies your meticulous approach to care for your customers. All these factors give an impetus to your marketing efforts. These five benefits, in particular, make it pretty evident.

  1. Eye-Catching Patterns

One of the most significant marketing-related advantages of fancy numbers is that, when made prominently visible, they quickly catch the attention of the onlooker. It is because repetitive patterns are easily noticeable. Within a set of over a hundred numbers, often, it is the number with a repetitive or recurring pattern that people tend to notice first. That in turn, can help your business outshine others.

  1. Long-Lasting Visual Memory

Fancy numbers with a famous number or an easy-to-grasp number sequence such as 1234, 4567, etc., create a long-lasting visual memory. For marketing efforts to reap fruits, a business needs to be remembered by people and its prospects. VIP numbers help do that with their straightforward patterns.

So, whenever someone needs to connect with you, they might not have to search for your number on the internet. The visual memory created, for instance, when they saw your numbers for the first time or while coming across your number on a banner or a billboard, can help them connect with you quickly. This can help prevent the prospect from diverting anywhere else while searching for your number.

  1. Easier for Prospects to Remember

This one is pretty much related to the above point. A prominently displayed fancy number is not only easily visible but more straightforward for prospects to remember. They wouldn’t have to make the effort to remember your number or search for it anywhere. This marketing-related benefit makes it easier, quicker, and more effortless for your prospects to approach you. It is found that fancy numbers are almost 40 percent easier for people to remember. This can undoubtedly be considered a positive marketing impact.

  1. Quicker Tracking of Marketing Campaigns

Fancy numbers enable quicker tracking of marketing campaigns. You can track the marketing emails you’ve sent to your prospects and customers easily. Furthermore, you can have your salespeople attend client calls by integrating your business VoIP with your VIP fancy mobile number.

  1. Better Customer Service Approach

VIP or fancy numbers aren’t merely numbers but represent an approach that makes it straightforward for your prospects and customers to remember you and connect with you. Remember, in the age of competition, the quicker, the better. Prospects won’t give connecting with your competitors a second thought if they find it difficult to connect with you. In fact, they may do it much before you even realize you’ve lost an opportunity, only because they felt your contact number is a bit challenging!

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