How can I get Jio Fancy Numbers Online?

Jio has emerged as a preferred telecom service provider in India in a short duration. Today, the company has hundreds of millions of subscribers, many of whom have got their numbers ported to Jio. Jio VIP numbers are in significant demand these days. People look forward to leveraging Jio’s network reach and the marketing benefits of Jio fancy numbers together. However, many people ask, how can I get a Jio number of my choice? If you are one among them, this blog that talks about the steps to buying Jio fancy numbers online will help answer your question.

Benefits of Jio Fancy Numbers

VIP numbers or fancy numbers have been around for time immemorial. Back then, precisely a couple of decades and even earlier, people used to have fancy landline numbers. While fancy numbers continue to remain in demand, only the medium of communication has changed. The world has now shifted from landline phones to handheld ones. Fancy or VIP numbers have their unique psychological and marketing benefits. Let’s enlist them to make it more evident why you should buy a Jio VIP number.

  • Enhance your marketing efforts
  • Provide numbers that are easy to remember
  • Contribute to a better customer service
  • Show a higher degree of customer concern
  • Increased return on investment, as people can connect easily

Read more about the Benefits of having fancy numbers here.

How can I get a VIP Number in Jio? | 5-Step to Process to Buy Jio VIP Number Online

Honestly, the presence of online portals has made getting VIP number Jio a pretty straightforward process. Unlike in the past, wherein people had to visit the store to check the available options, you can now order a Jio number online from your home. Accordingly, let’s see how to buy a VIP Jio number online.

  1. Visit Scroll down a bit and click on Jio Fancy Numbers on the left-hand side
  2. Look at the various fancy numbers available. Also, you may choose from the categories on the right-hand side
  3. Add the number you wish to buy to your cart and click on Checkout
  4. You move to the Billing Details page, where you must provide the required details. Choose the payment option
  5. Read the terms and conditions carefully, tick the option, and click on Place Order.

The booked number will take around three to five days to activate (if the operator doesn’t reject it), based on the price and category of the number.

Buy Fancy Jio Numbers Online with Fancywala

Bangalore-based Fancywala is a leading provider of Jio fancy numbers in India. Incepted by a young telecom professional and now run by passionate team members, along with him, Fancywala has won the trust of many in a relatively short duration. Apart from Jio, Fancywala provides Airtel and Vodafone Idea fancy numbers online. It also delivers the industry’s most innovative and best plans and prepaid and postpaid SIM cards.

So, you can visit Fancywala’s website and get a mobile number of your choice, based on its availability. To know more, visit or write an email to

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