How to Choose a Fancy Mobile Number?

Fancy numbers prove an effective marketing tool, as they are easy to remember. Besides business, the numbers prove helpful for domestic purposes, as, for a family that buys fancy numbers in a nearly identical pattern, it becomes easy to memorize the number. However, how do you choose a fancy mobile number? Fancywala, the top provider of fancy mobile numbers for Jio, Airtel, VI, etc., talks about the process of choosing a fancy mobile number.

Steps to Select a Fancy Mobile Number Through Fancywala

Visit and browse through the list of available numbers on the website
1. Please select the number and once you finalize it, click on Add to Cart
2. After that, move the cursor to the right-hand side and hover over the red-coloured cart icon
3. If you want to view the Cart, click on it
4. If you wish to proceed with the payment, click on Checkout
5. Fill in the billing details
6. Review your order and select the payment option
7. Click on Place Order
8. Confirm the payment

Now, once you confirm the payment, your fancy number undergoes the below process

Fancywala shares a Unique Port Code, coupled with the required information on your number or email

1. Once you get it, visit any retailer recharge shop for prepaid activation
2. For a postpaid connection, visit a network-owned outlet
3. Ask the service provider for Mobile Number Portability (MNP)
4. The provider will collect your documents, and the Unique Port Code (UPC)
5. Once collected, the provider will process the fancy number on your name
6. The number activates in three to five days
7. The operator shares the status on your alternate number

Points to Remember
1. You can activate a number purchased through us in any part of the country, within the state/ telecom circle of India, and in the prepaid or postpaid network, based on your requirement.
2. If you have opted for cash payment, connect with Fancywala’s customer contact team and check out our cash payment center in your city.
3. Visit the payment center, and our partner will complete the MNP process
4. Also, in the case the number you select becomes unavailable on account of technical challenges, we will share other Fancywala numbers with you, or you can choose a refund.

Get the Best Fancy Mobile Numbers with Fancywala!

Bangalore-based Fancywala is one of the leading fancy mobile number providers in India. We are a team of young and passionate professionals who provide access to numbers of various service providers, such as VI, Airtel, and Jio. The process to select a fancy number with us is quick, easy, and secure. Additionally, our customer service team resolves every technical challenge that you might face while buying a fancy number with us. Connect with us at +91 96113 96118 if you want to buy a fancy mobile number for business or domestic use.