5 Benefits of Having Fancy Numbers for Business

Mobile phones, and precisely smartphones, have become an integral part of daily business. We cannot imagine business, or for that matter, life without mobile phones. Back then, when very few people used to have a mobile phone, we could remember every phone number. Nevertheless, now that almost everyone has a mobile phone, remembering every contact number is practically impossible. The only numbers we remember are the fancy ones.

What are fancy numbers? Fancy numbers are easy to recall whenever we need them. Often, VIP fancy numbers comprise repetitive numbers to simplify remembering them. Many people, particularly businesspersons, choose VIP fancy mobile numbers to make contacting simpler for their prospects. Even then, if you are wondering as to why you must buy a fancy number for your business, here are five strong reasons.

Why Buy Fancy Numbers for Business?

Here are five reasons that make buying easy to remember numbers for your business an imperative business strategy from the prospect and customer perspective.

1. Create a Favorable Marketing Effect

Imagine running an ad on the radio, wherein you are required to voice out your number. Which number do you think will create a better effect? A complex and routine one, or a fancy one? Numbers with a repetition of a particular number, or with a pair of numbers, say, for instance, 20 20 20, 30 30 30, etc. prove catchier for the prospects. They do not have to spend time searching your number later or save it on their phone.

2. Enhanced Customer Service

Have you noticed how toll-free numbers are? Most of them begin with 1800 and have a repetitive numerical pattern. Of course, the purpose of having a fancy number trickles down to simplifying remembering for it for the customers. However, on the other hand, clients feel it easier to dial a number that stays in their memory. Again, they do not have to search for your number on the internet. They know it and can dial it instantly.

Easy to remember toll-free numbers prove their purpose, especially when you have a contact center that serves new prospects, thus making them easier to seek the information they require about your company, and for customers to enable them to connect with you for a service easily.

3. Increased RoI

In business, RoI matters more than everything else! In an age where getting people to connect with you is a genuine challenge, a straightforward and fancy enough number catches the onlookers’ attention proves advantageous for your business. People remember your number easily and connect with you quickly. Once they do, you can engage them with your brand, thus contributing to a higher return on investment.

4. Easy to Reckon with

Over a while, when you keep displaying your fancy number across all your target segments and areas, they become your identity. For instance, your number with a particular numerical couple pattern becomes your identity, as people begin reckoning with it. Subsequently, people start remembering your brand, and that contributes to brand awareness and identity in the long run.

5. Customer Concern

Having Airtel fancy numbers, or fancy Idea numbers, etc., for your business is one way of expressing concern towards your prospects and customers. You do not want them to make efforts to remember your contact number. Hence you provide a fancy number and pave the way to simpler and quicker connections. Needless to say, brands concerned about the customers are more successful than the rest.

How to get a Fancy Mobile Number?

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